Constitution Type for Schizophrenia

Alumina would be a good remedy to prescribe for schizophrenia because the key to Alumina is mental instability. The patients usually have a history in instability during childhood. Likely there is a history of mental illness and alcoholism, a reflection of the syphilitic miasm in the family. Alumina gives the impression of confusion. They cannot think straight, stuggling to find the right words and hesitating when speaking. The mental confusion is present during childhood. They have difficulty learning, and usually dyslexia. They have difficulty with speech and writing, they are also vague and dreamy. These difficulties will become more prominent when they leave home and deal with the real world. They may then feel overwhelmed and incapable of making decisions and looking after themselves, this generates anxiety and reduces their self-confidence. Their thinking becomes less clear. Alumina will rely heavily on a parent or partner to help make decisions. The main pathology in Alumina is in the nervous system, both central and peripheral. There is a marked slowing and confusion of neural impulses.


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