The Nadis and Planetary Healing

The Nadis

The human energy system is composed of five groups of organs that function synergistically and the communities of energy bodies in the higher and lower mind. The five groups are the chakras, aura, nadis, minor energy centres in the hands and feet and the kandas. The energy system, as a structural and functional unit, can be seen as a power plant and grid of substations and power lines that transmute the consciousness of the Self (Atman) into unqualified energy (prana), unqualified energy from one frequency into another, and unqualified energy into subtle matter. (Sherwood, 2005) The nadis also filter energy from the planets that orbit our solar system into the human energy system.

The word Nadis comes from the root nad in Sanskrit means hollow stalk. The nadis are channels which carry energy through a subtle energy system. They are inter-dimensional vessels which carry energy from one subtle body to another. Through the chakras, the nadis of one subtle body are connected to the nadis of the neighbouring one. The nadis extend from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head and it is through them that Prana, the breath of life flows. An ancient text tells us they are identical to the nervous system, one text applies that seventy two thousand nadis originate twelve digits above the anus just below the navel in an egg-shaped organ called the Kanda.’ The Kandas are hubs from which the major nadis emerge, the other kanda is located about two inches forward from the back of the heart chakra. The kandas facilitate the transmission and transmutation of prana throughout the human energy system. There are 72 important nadis and among the 72, ten are of particular concern, the most vital are the sushumna, ida and pingala. The other nadis are Gandhari, Hastajihva, Kuhu, Saraswati, Pusha, Sankhini, Payasvini, Varuni, Alambusha, Vishvodhara, and Yasasvin. The other nadis have their origin in the Kanda and are placed on either sides of the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. They proceed to different parts of the body to perform special functions.

The yogic concept of Nadis as a system of energy channels is similar to the Chinese system of Meridians which is the basis of Chinese medicine. In Yogic system, the sushumna runs through the centre of the spine, beginning at the coccyx and ending at the crown of the head, this corresponds with the Governing Vessel and the Conceptual Vessel in Chinese medicine. Sushumna is the path of Kundalini (the coiled serpent energy located at the base of the spine) which is considered the most powerful source of energy found in a human being.

Ancient yogic texts advise that the ida and pingala together with the sushumna are the ruling nadis and begin at either side of the first chakra. The ida is channelled via the left nostril while the pingala through the right. The nadis two main functions is the ability to absorb Prana directly from the air on inhalation and their ability to throw off toxins on exhalation. The second function is activating the serpent energy called Kundalini. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word which means ring or coil; it is symbolized by a sleeping serpent which faces downward at the base of the sushumna.

In ancient Yogic tradition, we are told that through discipline and exercise a student activated the Kundalini first by having it rise through the sushumna until it reaches the crown chakra. When this is accomplished and Kundalini is fully awakened, the ida and pingala merge with the sushumna forming one channel through which this vital force can travel through the nadir and the student then achieves enlightenment.

Planetary Influences in health and healing

The planets hold the key to body, mind and spiritual health. The human energy system and the nadis that surround them will grow to a program encased into the DNA/RNA at birth and from planetary influence. Planetary flow and transits will always govern the genetic shape of the energy system that in turn affects life events, sickness, and ageing. Hippocrates the Greek physician, who is considered the father of medicine in the west, highlighted the importance of astrology when he said “he who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool.” Ancient planetary knowledge has been accepted and used for thousands of years to allow us to develop an understanding of interaction between our planet environment, and our body system. The understanding of how magnetic pulsation affected our energy systems was also regarded by ancient races like the Aztecs, Druids, Mayans and Romans.

There are many planets in the universe that constitute to the energy grid of karma that the earth has to bear. Some of the original planets don’t exist anymore and are only in planetary folklore. The origin of mankind is classed into categories and types. At birth the body and mind chosen through the cental core of DNA will match a particular constitution, and then karma is superimposed over the layers.

Magnetic rays coming from the planets that support our solar system are varied in colour and filtered textured dots of photons that pass through our nadis and birth sign. At birth we inherit one fifth of this energy grid from our solar systems and others. At birth a snapshot of the constellations the solar system is encoded into our energy field and earth bodies which guide our lives. Spiritual astronomers acknowledge that the solar system is akin to our natural habitat, without the planetary movement of Mars, Venus and the other planets that we are on a convex energy grid with, we would possibility no exist anymore. As the gravitational pull upon earth allows other archetypal planetary energy to enter into time zone and intermingle with our behavioural force fields, which result in physical reality that is present.

The planetary body that we inherit from birth constitutes one third to one fifth of major illness. The body type that one is born with gives you shape, colour, sound and vibrational energy. The body type corresponds to constitutional types in Homeopathy and Chinese medicine and also every other classical system like Ayurveda. Planetary transits can bring many disturbances of the mind and emotions cause primarily from the body type interpretation of these planetary movements. Living in the Sun Sign that you are born with is important as you are within your original colour structure and sound, it brings happiness and peace to you and the tools to progress in your life journey. Thisconcept correlates the homoeopathy and five element theory where the aim is to try and take a client to their original constitution. Being in the original constitution will mean that it is no longer necessary to compensate with other body types not corresponding your original sound.

Nadis are part of our subtle energy system. They look like tiny spinning Catherine wheels of light and form a network of energy that relates to the cellular memory. They are part of the auric membrane of the body and permeate the first 5 layers.

Nadis cover the surface of the body and extend out about 12 cm from the face and 6cm from the rest of the body. They are distributed in the pattern formed by the shape of the constellations in out astrology chart at birth. The pattern of the constellations when we are born are mirrored in our nadis pattern, for example if we are Taurus, our nadis form a pattern of a bulls head. This is why Astrology has a major impact on our personality, health and direction of our lives. It is through our Nadis that we communicate with Spirit. On the nadir are little Catherine wheels which open in a controlled way to allow in as much spiritual energy as we can handle, and distribute it throughout our body. It is through these wheels that planetary energy filters through into our energy system that shapes our lives whether it be, our health or life events. If the nadis are blocked we lose spiritual communication.

The nadis on our feet help direct us on our path through life. They connect us to our personal ley lines which have been laid down to access the experiences we have planned. And the people that we need to meet in this incarnation.

When we participate in spiritual healing, we activate the healing through the nadis on our hands, for energy healing such as Reiki, it is our nadis that is directing the energy through. In Kinesiology we aim to balance the way energy flows in our human energy system. It is important to have some understanding of planetary energy and to learn to compensate for the imbalance of these powerful flows. If our planetary flow is in accordance with the light and in balance with our system, a healing will be more effective and go according to plan. Utilizing this energy can make the difference between a balance holding or dissolving the next day.

Nadis and Shell Essences

In energetic healing it is believe that disease starts as disturbances I the invisible subtleenergy bodies that surround and permeate the physical body. It travels via the etheric body into the nadis system and spreads disease throughout the human energy system and then into the electrons of the cellular memory to destroy the imprint of health.

Shell essences work to eradicate the stored memory of disease in the nadis as they sweep through the energy field balancing and clearing tired and worn out cellular memory cells. Anomalies from planetary distortions and life events are locked into cells, it will store as hurt data in the nadis. Nadis can also be damaged by chemical toxicity, drugs and alcohol. The shell essences will help dissolve these anomalies stored in the nadis.

The physical body is often the last to be effected by imbalance. Within the framework of its nadis, there is a slow moving momentum that finally reaches crescendo and crashes into the human aura.

When an emotional content to our pain arises, we seek instant comfort not knowing that this pain distorting our awareness may have come from long held ancestral patterns of belief. The layers of the human consciousness consists subtle light bodies, the nadis and meridians complete communication between these layers. Disease, fear, karma is caught up in the magnetic flow of the planets, and cross from one layer to another to cause imbalance in the energy system. Shell essences permeate this grid of karma by pulsing energy through the nadis and each layer to dissolve the imbalance.

The method of planetary healing using shell essences explore how the nadis (energy wheels) open to the magnetic push and pull of the planets. It is using the light healing system of the shell essences to fix stray planetary energy and balance how much energy is filtered through the nadis, which in turn implode on our energy bodies’ daily, causing illness. Shell essences are suited to this type of healing because its energy will filter to the nadis quickly and balance the distortions. In healing and balancing the nadis, it allows the opening to spiritual energy and connects us to our personal destiny.

The ancient planetary energies have archetype patterns that allow consciousness to come into our bodies and minds in a particular sharp, i.e. the constitutional type. The shapes allow certain planets to expand or contract energy flow into our thinking or body movement’s every day. Hence certain constitutions have different mental and physical characteristics. The planets correspond to different coloured energies that intercept our energy system and help us re-align to our own spiritual needs. The planets send us healing energy information and our astrology signs or numerology signs can either block or allow healing depending on what we are dealing with. Most of the information is recorded in the solar plexus, where our Sun Sign communicates with the Higher self to regulate spiritual information to decide if learning our lessons or if they are counterproductive.

Our planetary body is composed of DNA, genetically multiplied through time, plus a grid of karma on how and when we life events will happen. This is how astrologers can predict when you meet the love of your life or major events. This grid of karma comes from the time we are born, from our stellar pattern. This pattern is composed of all the planets positions at birth that implode on our stellar spine. Our stellar spine is connected to our higher mind. This is organised by a series of switches (electrons and motor neurons) combined with nadis and hold points to the universal flow. A stellar star pattern contains our own personal letter to the universe. Throughout life we organise our thought forms to contain only the moment of our family tree and friends so that we produce the life meant for us. Gravitational pull of the planets impact on the DNA and combined with

Light allow the distance of the nadis to grow apart and alter shape to suit the requirement of the life purpose chosen. Body type is the way the planets configure mind shape structure and body function. Platitudes or beliefs and strict upbringing can modify this. Anyone who randomly chooses a life statement for another can cause potential damage if that person has a body type or mind set that cannot accept the philosophy. Hence it is important for clients to choose their own goals and positive beliefs in a Kinesiology balance. Opposing planetary energies within a partnership can cause problems to the nadis and can cause the weaker partner to take on the body type of the other. They may cause the surrogating partner to,lose their purpose in life.

Your sound is composed of the aura and light body. It is a unique combination of Lift sounds that form a sonar beam that vibrates to the pitch of familiar pattern (DNA) that is coded. Being outside your own sound can be cause by surrogation, drugs, depression, illness, emotional turmoil and behavioural conditioning. When healing is done outside a person’s sound it is ineffective and dissipates quickly. Being outside your sound can also be cause by unnecessary birth inductions. As this will cause one to be born with the wrong time of birth with the wrong body type and sun sign to support life and purpose.

Our human body is attached to light beams that include special knowledge of where we are needed to help others and live in a content existence. To bring about time and distance to each incarnation, we set up a ley line grid of power that we draw upon to teach us our lessons and unfold our karma. Energetic and magnetic interaction will bring through Karmic issues from past lives. Sometimes we can choose to live in the same areas and have experiences to teach us what life before was about.

In spirit our duplicate energy body that tells us which way to go to follow our Sun sign. This connects to the ancestral knowledge to judge, guide and manage our life.

There are enormous ley line grids in this age, as most souls incarnating at this time are spiritual managers of other’s affairs in past lives in which we live parallel. It is important to regulate our order of grids daily by reducing our sound when we sleep. This is done by adjusting our frequency to the family that we live with and this keeps our sound safe and our psychic bridge connected to the consciousness of life. A statement of “we draw upon the almighty healers from time daily to energize our Sound to bring peace and perfection around.” This will help realign our sound with the ley lines.

Nodes are points formed by the angle between the Sun and the Moon. In vedic astrology the North node is Rahu, and the South node is Ketu. In ancient mythology the north node is the dragon’s head and the south node is the dragon’s tail. These two nodes are of special concern as they have different pathways to the Higher consciousness. The nodes connect  to karmic points along the brow chakra and in the “I AM” of your personal logos. It represents the relationship between the ego and mankind i.e. the karma accumulated. The south node represents the past and the karmic that you have come to untangle. The North node related to the environment and your future destiny.

The Essences for Planetary Healing

Lettered Cone and Strom Canarium are essences that will bring you back into your sun sign. It is important to be centred in your own sun because this planetary imprint present in birth contains all the necessary tools to create and deal with life’s lessons and destiny. People are forced out of the fixed Sun Sign during the day by the ideals of others. The essences of Lettered cone, Strom Canarium provide instant support to turn the nadis to health and back into the usual colour of the Sun Sign.

The essences Lettered Cone, Yellow Sand Snail and Strom Canarium will bring you back into your own sound.

Egg Cowrie is an essence that works on Karmic astrology by removing the negative energy grids of Pluto and Mars and therefore changing the nodal position of birth. It allows for the ridged programming of our planetary body to relax and flow to a new way of being.


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