Constitution Types of Bipolar

Homeopathy places people into different constitutional types depending on personality, mental and physical profile. The most likely constitutions that would suffer from bipolar would be Mercurius and Anacardium.


The Mercurius type is a very unusual constitution that is very rare. The homeopathy remedy is derived from the substance of Mercury and therefore the constitution is an image of that element. The physical constitution is like mercury in a thermometer, reactive to changes in temperature. The patient is over-sensitive to small changes in temperature and other changes in the environment. Mercurius moves from the world of dreams and step into the real world. They oscillate between poles of different qualities, including introverted and extroverted, optimist and pessimist, pragmatic and idealist. They are extremely flexible as their inherent nature is neutral. They have no fixed personality of their own, and usually absorb the personality of those around them. They are amorphous. They are very impressionable and become their environment. Mercurius types appear androgynous as they are so neutral.


The Anacardium type often develops when an individual is living with unbearable inner conflict. The internal strife will manifest as two strong and contradictory tendencies, inferiority and cruelty. The main tendency that is often present is the inferiority complex and very low self esteem and feelings of worthlessness. Anacardium is a person torn between two wills which contradict each other, the division within Anacardium’s mind is the contrast between demonic side and a divine side.  Most Anacardiums have a degree of mental confusion. Their memory can be very poor, and find difficulty in concentration on reading or watching TV. There is an intense conflict going on inside Anacardium’s psyche. This conflict can manifest itself in violent impulses which include hurting animals and other beings.


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