The Lachesis Woman

Lachesis is a common homeopathic constitution among women. As is famously known Lachesis is about sexual tension. By the time the women seek treatment they have quite a low sex drive and develop tension and are about to explode in anger or frustration. Usually in the past they have had a high sex drive which decreased due to one reason or another.

For the Lachesis a healthy sexual sphere is key to their balance, it is the reference point of their life. If they have an active sex life, then everything else in their life will flow. They will be more focused, motivated and energized. If their libido is low, they start to dress drab, withdraw and express a lot of tension and anger. Female Lachesis in balance will often dress in a sensual and sexual manner, they dress like this because it is their nature to want to attract attention in that manner. It is not that they need to go out and seek men for sexual purposes, they just enjoy that attention and focus from men in a social setting. Sometimes Lachesis who are oblivious to themselves and the way they dress can appear like mutton dress as lamb.

Lachesis usually have a strange relationship with snakes, some have constant dreams of them, others love them, while some are very afraid them. Interestingly the one who was afraid of snakes was a very repressed Lachesis. Snakes are a common theme in Lachesis. The Lachesis remedy is of course made from the venom of the Bushmaster snake in South America. As with the snake theme, they appear very snake like physical appearance. They move like a snake. Some Lachesis are known to stick their tongue out and lick their lips like a snake. Lachesis are quite jealous and envious people, they like to guard their territory and stake it. They are always on guard of their boundaries. In conversation sometimes they strike someone at their most vulnerable spot, like how the snake strikes it’s prey at the neck. Lachesis usually have strong drive and energy.

Their life force is very high and focused, often they can really make things happen in the material sphere. They are attracted to power and being in positions of power. In the past I knew of a Lachesis woman who was in a fairly stable relationship with her husband and had children. The man she was with was boring and safe. In time she left her family for a younger man who are first appeared to give her the excitement and drama of a different life, in the end he left her. Lachesis are always keen to seek experiences and excitement in life.

The Lachesis Woman Part 2

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