Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy allows you to experience life at your most optimal level. When you seek homeopathic treatment in the Classical way you are trying to reawaken your essence and your original energy signature. This original energy imprint is stamped on you when you are born, the imprint is a combination of hereditary, astrological and karmic. From experience if a family has two children who are raised without too much trauma and adversity, one child takes after the mother, one child takes after the father. In a family of three or more children, You could find some children taking after one of the grandparents. Children who have experienced much trauma, suffering or humiliation could taking on one of the psychotic remedies like Hyoscyamus, Anacardium, or Stramonium. Usually they aren’t born as this constitution.

Your original constitution at it’s most optimal allows you to experience life and move toward what you are on this earth to experience. It allows you to experience your karma in this life. It will draw you to which vocation you are most suited to and born to do as is predestined.

When you vibrate at your original constitution and signature, your health and life force is at it’s peak. You draw whatever you wish to manifest into your life. Issues that needed to be dealt with will unravel, and one day appear as if it was never a problem. Energetic knots unravel.

Sometimes things in life happen and your essence is suppressed, either through adversity, bad marriage, illness and stress. When your essence is suppressed, you attract things in your life that is detrimental to your development. Business starts failing, work becomes a burden and less is succeeded.

When you have rediscovered your essence and constitution, and taken the necessary steps to boost it’s life force, your will see improvements across the board in physical, mental, emotional. Your energy improves, your business attracts more clients, issues start to resolve. There is a level of peace and contentment in being.


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