Internal Dragons

The points for the internal dragons are

A tear drop below Ren Mai 15, Jui Wei, dove tail,

ST25, Tian Shu, Heavenly Pivot

ST32, Fu Tu, Swift flexible har

ST41, Jie Xi, released stream

For the internal dragons, my opinion is that there is distortion within the internal energy bodies, everything in the physical body; it could be an invasive external entity. There is possession possibly and entity, the possession could be subtle or a fully fledged demonic possession. Those are rare to come by, the points are needled top to bottom, right to left, perpendicular and deep to hit dei chi, the needles are left in for 20-30 mins until there is a shift in the client, if there is no change after 30 mins, proceed to the External dragons.

For those who don’t have access to acupuncture it is possible to do these  points at home using crystals or essences like shell essences, aroma soma or just holding the points one by one.  From experience I would light a candle and burn some incense straight after the treatment or have some salt water nearby.

Even if one does not have possession this treatment can work to help bring the shen or spirit back into the body.

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