The Art of War

The Roman people were of a  constitution born ready for war. As Dr Philip Bailey stated in his book Homoeopathic Psychology they were a society based on Nux Vomica ideals. The Nux Vomica is a brilliant military strategist, with the sheer force of will to charge through and conquer. Great military strategists were mostly likely … Continue reading

String Theory

In the void Time is infinite For an eternity A spark awakens and becomes aware of itself Time becames tangible Infinite measure of vibrations collided Forces coilled A spark of divinity And God has spoken And experiences himself through the materialisation of the universe.

Sounds of Music

I sing to thee I sing for me To make a beautiful sound gives me pleasure Nourishes my soul Helps me brush away the cascading currents Send a spark out The sound ripples through the listener They feel a part of me Through the vibrations of the sounds It is an extension of the infinite … Continue reading


I have been waiting a thousand days A flash of many autumn days The closer I came to my dream The more I realise it became a nightmare – A start of such promise Toiling away in hope Big plans and ideas A perfect illusion shatters into a million pieces Haunted by karmic manoeuvres Seeing … Continue reading

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is this debilitating disease that is sweeping the world. There are estimates that as many as 1 in 5 people have this disease, and many are misdiagnosed with other diseases like MS, Parkinson’s and Chronic Fatigue. From my research and observations I believe that many bugs including mosquitoes are carrying this Borrelia Burgdorferi … Continue reading

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy.

The Lachesis Woman Lives

This is part of a series of posts on the Lachesis Woman, only because they are such are fascinating type to study. The power that they hold on men at their peak is unmatched. There is the seductive and alluring qualities are the most striking. They are the most powerful sexually, men will not stray … Continue reading


The miracle healer I have been using Arnica this miracle remedy for quite a while on myself and others. Arnica being a plant remedy is a very versatile remedy. The benefits are endless. It is known as the first remedy to turn to for shock and trauma, muscle aches and pains, and injuries. It can … Continue reading

Lachesis the Final Transformation

I have been very happy with a client on Lachesis who is making a transformation. This is a symposium of how Lachesis treatment would progresses and how I envision one would progress under transformation. The Lachesis starts off as a highly strung and coiled individual. There is sexual tension, over stimulation that seeks an outlet. … Continue reading

Alchemy and Homeopathy

Alchemy is the transformation of matter into a different form. Classically the practice of alchemy is to find the method of turning lead into gold. The hidden aim of alchemy is to transform the matter of our own energy into a higher state. In doing so one needs to understand the laws of the universe. … Continue reading