The Art of War

The Roman people were of a  constitution born ready for war. As Dr Philip Bailey stated in his book Homoeopathic Psychology they were a society based on Nux Vomica ideals. The Nux Vomica is a brilliant military strategist, with the sheer force of will to charge through and conquer. Great military strategists were mostly likely always Nux Vomica. And this constitution was prevalent amongst Romans. Nux Vomica are highly self confident,  resourceful, and in the right circumstances magnanimous. They are confident yet almost never put others down. They are brilliant but never boastful. Caesar was a brilliant military strategist, orator, and statesman, a ideal exalted Nux Vomica.

America is the country in modern times that tries to inherit the Roman ideals. They are a country that has been at war almost their entire existence. They have carried the baton of the Romans.

An ethnicity is born with certain qualities that run through their group and the Romans were born for war, to conquer and to impose their will on others. They had appetite for conquering and imperialism. Their brilliance also civilised the Western World. They lived and died for war and to conquer. Veni, vidi, vici, I came, I saw, I conquered.


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