The Lachesis Woman Lives

207-LACHESIS1This is part of a series of posts on the Lachesis Woman, only because they are such are fascinating type to study. The power that they hold on men at their peak is unmatched. There is the seductive and alluring qualities are the most striking. They are the most powerful sexually, men will not stray if they have a Lachesis woman, why would they need to? They will be the ones who are afraid of their partners straying. They are wholly satisfied by a Lachesis.

The story of a Lachesis. The lady had a rough and difficult childhood, her father did not take care of her. He mother was away. When she turned 18, she moved out and got her own place in the city. That was when things started happening. She had a regular job, back then it was easier to make a living by yourself. She was really living the high life. People from all over would be drawn to her, men, women, age, race, it was a melting pot. She was like the leader of the pack, car loads would turn up at her apartment ready to enjoy a good time. This is how Lachesis lives at it’s most vibrant. She dressed up sophisticated, sexy, seductive, like a slithering snake. Lots of jewellery. Men all over would be after her and she had quite active and passionate relationships.

There was one man in her life that she enjoyed quite a passionate relationship with him. He was the love of her life, a good match physically and emotionally. I will revisit this later on.

The Lachesis also has the ability to attract alot of wealth into her life either through marriage, personal endeavours they make very savvy business women. When a Lachesis is in balance, any business venture she takes is bound to succeed. She has the drive, energy and enthusiasm to make it happen. They are very industrious and crafty. She created a life and lived.


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