ArnicaThe miracle healer

I have been using Arnica this miracle remedy for quite a while on myself and others. Arnica being a plant remedy is a very versatile remedy. The benefits are endless. It is known as the first remedy to turn to for shock and trauma, muscle aches and pains, and injuries. It can be used for physical and mental fatigue, insomnia, lack of focus, and a general tonic for health and wellbeing.

I use Arnica 30c wet dose twice a day following the method of Joe Di Livera under the coined term of Joepathy . A well know follower of Homeopathy who has developed his own method of using Homeopathy which centres around Arnica. Friends and family who have consulted me have also been put on Arnica 30c to great benefit on a myriad of issues from Alcoholism to Insomnia and Diabetes.

Recently I passed by a friend’s house and her relative was badly burnt by a gas water heater. The face and eyes were all burning and skin was peeling off. The hairs were burning off. I quickly made dose of Arnica for him to drink taking sips every 20 mins or so. I also interspersed this with Urtica urens and Cantharis. I applied Lavender on the burns and peppermint behind the ears and back of the neck to cool the head. The relative for fine after 2 hours or so and by the time he reached the doctors surgery he did not need anymore work.


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