Lachesis the Final Transformation

I have been very happy with a client on Lachesis who is making a transformation. This is a symposium of how Lachesis treatment would progresses and how I envision one would progress under transformation. The Lachesis starts off as a highly strung and coiled individual. There is sexual tension, over stimulation that seeks an outlet. If the tension is suppressed it will cause the person many problems. Once the energy is transformed into a more stable and directed focus, there is opportunity of an ultimate spiritual experience.

At first that tension could be expressed as loquacity, depression, the suppression of the female organs. The tension is suppressed like a pressure cooker, and will soon explode in the owner’s face. The energy is so much that the owner fails to control this energy and that misdirection becomes a sort of depression that one experiences. In excess the energy is expressed in promiscuity, or a femme fatale. The opportunity of homeopathy gives the gift of transformation to the patient. That excessive distorted energy becomes a controlled and channeled focus. The energy stablises, one can think through the chaos. It allows the Lachesis access to its natural and sharp intuition. The sensitivity to make astute decisions.

The journey one makes from a shadow to the light side. The archetypes that represent the Lachesis are the High Priestess and the Empress. Through the High Priestess archetype she derives intuition, stillness, psychic premonitions and Mystery. The Lachesis finally makes the journey to the Empress, master of her domain, she draws abundance, and the vibrancy of energy and attracts people far and wide. The energy draws many attractions, in balance there is no match of the alluring energy of the Lachesis. She stands on her own. Many men have fallen for the charms of an irresistible Lachesis. I envision the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra to be a Lachesis type, the most powerful men in the Western world at the time fell to her charms.

Finally the Lachesis finds her vocation in the world, and draws great abundance for it to pursue her adventurous spirit. If she is lucky finds a stable and romantic love that fulfills her in all ways.


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