Alchemy and Homeopathy

Alchemy is the transformation of matter into a different form. Classically the practice of alchemy is to find the method of turning lead into gold. The hidden aim of alchemy is to transform the matter of our own energy into a higher state. In doing so one needs to understand the laws of the universe. I see this in homeopathy. When you start off with a dense and distort life force the aim is to transform that life force into a more coherent and stabilised state. When the life force is in distortion, disease is caused in the body, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. In homeopathy the method is to take a small sample of dense material and titrate that into a solution. The solution is then diluted and succussed hundreds of times to expand focus the expression of that original coarse material. The energy that is imprinted into the solution becomes more finer, higher frequency, a high expression of itself. The water is a vehicle to carry that energetic expression.

When people come with disease, there is a signature distortion. It is the skill of the homeopath to match that distortion with something found inside the universe. Paracelsus the 16th-century Swiss alchemist and physician described humans as the microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm (of the universe). When that matter is matched with the person’s distortion. They would go ahead and take that remedy at a higher state (ie potency) to clear the distortion in themselves. The distorted energy becomes a more stablised version of itself. Inner transformation happens, the dense physical energy is transformed into a finer immaterial energy. As this progresses the person becomes finer and completes the transformation from physical being to spiritual being.


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