Ignatia for deep grief and pain

Someone who continues to suppress their grief will start to become ultra sensitive to pain. The suppression of this emotion of grief and guilt will lead to high pain sensitivity. They will be in continued pain. Intense grief leads to feelings of depression, rejection, and despondency. This will decrease the serotonin and norepinephrine which are mood stabilizers and pain relievers.

There is grief from childhood, from a bad marriage break up, and loss of family members. Grieving is a seven stage process to go through. If the emotion of grief is suppressed, it is suppressed in a part of the body. That suppressed energy will cause stagnation of chi flow. The stagnant chi flow will cause sensitivity to pain, if chi flows healthily through the meridians, there is no pain. In eastern medicine pain is stagnant energy.

I have see Ignatia help when there is this issue of pain. A lady who was suffering from severe back pain due to past marriage breakdown. She was highly sensitive to pain that another person would not feel. Once she went on the Ignatia the pain dissipated, and the grief and depression alleviated.


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