The Nobody

The light bearer is dying out, he is at his last embers. We are waiting for him, we wait for him to come and save us. He needs to come and reignite the fire of the world, re alight our connection to divinity so that we don’t lose out consciousness as species. When we lose our divinity our species is at the death kneel. We cease to exist as a conscious species. Our consciousness comes from our connection to divinity. The mystical practices are keeping our fabric of society from completely collapsing. To chant is to connect to God and to source. To perform a ritual is to create energy to create consciousness. Our spiritual practices keeps us from becoming just like another animal.

When he is appears, we will be surprised. No one can touch him, he is beyond the physical world. He can plug in and out. He is a nobody now, we wait eagerly for his appearance, which will take us into the golden age.

He has been abandoned and has been cast aside from his family two generations ago. He is suffering, he feels all the suffering of the world. He comes to free all.


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