The Truth about Homeopathy

Excerpt on Homeopathy from Money Life.

Homeopathy, chiropractic, praanic healing, radio aesthesia, and many other useful methods of treatment were successfully killed by the wealthy Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations who produced the now infamous Abraham Flexner report of 1910 in America.

Flexner was a retired high school headmaster at the Carnegie Foundation who wrote the report, on the state of medical education in the USA! The American government was made to ban all other medical systems based on this report! Homeopathy survived in Europe, especially in Britain, where the Royalty patronizes it even today! Dr JN McCormack, the then American Medical Association’ most powerful member in 1903, during one of his unguarded moments, admitted that they killed homeopathy. He said: “We must admit that we have never fought the homeopath on matters of principle. We fought them because they came to our territory and got our business.” Is not the cat out of the bag? The 1953 Abraham Fitzgerald report on cancer treatment fraud in modern medicine, which came to light lately, should expose shady dealings.

Excerpt from Money Life.


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