Constitutional Homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathy is trying to rediscover your original life force and energy signature. This is because all things start from the core. Everything goes back to the core. The core is perfect just as it was. When a baby is born, the baby is equipped with everything they needs to survive in life, to achieve their destiny mandated for them before they were born. Everyone has a role in this world and each person is born with a particular constitution and personality that is suited to a certain destiny. You can live on the ethereal level, the physical level, the spiritual level, and your constitution can go some way in determining that.

It is when people more away from their core constitution this is when one start to have problems. Well babies are bombarded with external invasions from the moment they are born. What is Hepatitis vaccination a few moments after birth going to do to a baby who is already born with a perfect life force? The list of vaccinations goes on, but each time the vaccination gets pumped in the life force is distorted. That already goes some major way in distorting the person’s life force before they reach puberty.

A bad marriage can do many things, constant suppression of your emotions, physical and emotional needs can lead to severe distortion of your constitution. The constant suppression allows the distortion to run deeper and deeper until one you just don’t even feel yourself. One finds it difficult to make small decisions in life. Self esteem and energy becomes so low it’s difficult to do anything. The suppression keeps forcing the energy inward, and it’s like every time the energy goes inward the knife is driven in and just crushes the core. The core is just broken and in pieces. Fragmented and distorted. Separated and dispersed. The person’s energy force and aura is like a Picasso picture. They are works of art but are they representations of a distorted life force?

Coming back to the core constitution is like coming home, arriving at the beginning and in a sense arriving at the destination. You search your entire life to get to this place. Come back to the centre, reach that point of stillness, find that peace within. The Homeopathic remedy matched to your constitution will stablise and unravel all the distortion. It will piece the broken pieces back together. Mend the fragments, weave that energetic aura so that it is stronger. In a way it allows you to finally arrive at who you are and who you were meant to be.


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