Ignatia Part 2

ignatiaIt is about emotional shock, when the emotion engulfs the person. Their main outlet of release is the expression of suppressed emotions. Ignatia usally suffers a lot of grief during their childhood. Do they suffer the grief because they are born Ignatia constitution or become Ignatia after the grief. This is case of being shaped by your environment, or the constitution you are born as shapes your environment.

Ignatia are super sensitive, sometimes they have difficulty with their physical environment but are able to get by on their sheer drive and tenacity. There is a focus and commitment there to complete most undertaken tasks. There is an internal drive in Ignatia that is similar to Nux Vomica. There is an internal strength of personality is very solid despite some Ignatia’s being quite ethereal and sensitive people. Like Nux Vomica there is an inner confidence, with Ignatia it is a more quiet confidence.

The dress sense is toward patterns like Phosphorus, the patterns seem to deflect the energy of others. It is needed in the case of sensitivity. The patterns are less bright and flowery of Phosphorus; the patterns reflect a more artistic and refined sense. There is idealism there but more concrete and solid than the floaty idealism displayed by Phosphorus. The mind is abstract and technical.

When the grief and emotions are being suppressed that it no longer has an outlet, it can start to become like the poison of the Ignatia bean. From there the grief attacks the body like the suffering from Ignatia bean poisoning.


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