The mirror has two faces, there is a twisted psyche with Anacardium. Internal violence it builds up in the mind, it can’t be release and becomes violent day dreams and mental images. The warp violence travels with him into the night, he can’t sleep. He can never sleep soundly because it is so twisted, frightening, violent. The internal struggle is so strong, the face and image is twisted and split. This causes so much mental anguish and confusing. It’s hard to keep sane and a lid on it. There is so much tension, he is on edge all the time. The words in a sentence feels like it flips from one side to the other. Even the remedy’s actions is violent. He didn’t start off this way this layer came from abuse or humiliation. It’s just a layer that needs to be peeled off. It is better that he is treated acute with other remedies because even his own constitutional essence is too violent for him.


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