The Lachesis Woman Part 3

Lachesis is grouped into the animal kingdom and snake remedies. Being a snake remedy that are some themes that go along with it. Snakes is about having the upper hand to your enemies, striking from behind or striking a weak spot. Snakes will do anything to win but using underhanded methods. They can use lies, cheat, deceit, misdirection.

Jealousy is a major theme in the animal Kingdom, especially the Snake remedies. According to Sankaran, the theme is “between me and someone else”. An outside entity is causing all the problems. It is competition, survival of the fittest. Attractiveness. The characteristics of the remedy will mimic the survival mode of the animal it is derived from.

With the Snake it is defenceless, apart from it’s poison which strikes the weak point. It is swift and stealth. Strike to kill when it cannot be threatened. Always on guard, ready to strike. Territorial, guards boundaries with alert. Energy is coiled around the body, in the mind, in the energy field. The energy is coiled and coiled crushing and constricting the body until it can be released. A remedy match unravels this coiled up energy and the constriction is released. Once that coiled energy and constriction is release the Lachesis will start to behave less and less like the Snake nature, becomes more relaxed and able to express their original human essence.


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