The Essence of Homeopathy

The way I look at Homoeopathy is that it is a tool that regenerates your being. So if someone is out of their natural vitality it’s difficult to do what you want to do.

I think the constitutional prescribing is the way to go, you want to get the core constitution. I think that core can sometimes be disturbed so much that ultimately the body starts attacking itself with an auto-immune disease. In that case one’s core is so disturbed, the core is so shattered and distorted. All normal and natural functions will start to fail.

To understand that core constitution it is important to hammer away all the surface layers that is wrapping the person, often the original constitution is distorted and one compensates with an acute layer of illness in order to cope with what they are dealing with. This often happens when they are under severe stress or trauma and they take on another energy force to exist. This is not their optimal life force. Their whole life can start to fall apart.

The aim is to find the glimmers of their core essence to come through and prescribe a remedy for that. When the core life force is balanced from within then the outer layers will naturally unravel itself.


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