Friends2_phosphorusWhy do Phosphorus have so much problems with physical reality? These are one of the most open and ethereal types. When in balance life is full of wonderment and joy. Their energy is expansive and therefore if there is some imbalance it is like feeling all these pieces inside are broken. Shattered is a good word to describe this.

Now I write from my point of view. If I go to the shopping centre, my energy is expansive towards others, I am drifting toward everyone. I lose myself in the place. When I come home I am shattered, it’s like the pieces inside me are cracked. I really can’t do anything for a 4 hours until I pull my energy back to my centre.

Sometimes it is hard to sleep because I feel the negative vibrations. I need to consecrate my room. You are so ultra sensitive that dense energy affects you. Can you hear the sound of bugs crawling?

My consciousness drifts from myself, others, to collective. This is the kind of thing Phosphorus has to deal with.

The Phosphorus people I have treated have so much problems dealing with physical and material worlds. As a Phosphorus it is important to stay balanced, when you are balanced you have a greater affect on the people and things around you. Everything flows more and life is easier. A dose of Phosphorus helps, but they often need a daily dose to keep things in perspective and balance.


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