Nux Vomica

I have been treating quite a few Nux Vomica patients, mainly men are Nux. These people are very interesting. They have so much tenacity and energy even towards their older years. If they retire they would die of boredom. Nux just want to conquer in everything they do, they need to get to the top. According to Homeopathic Psychology Alexander the Great is a Nux Vomica. Alexander the Great is the ultimate Nux conqueror, robust in mind and body, great thinker and military strategist. Some theories regarding Alexander the Great’s death is poisoning by Strychnine laced wine. He died by his own nature. Strychnine is a major compound of the Nux Vomica tree. It is also know as the Strychnine tree. This tree contains highly poisonous substance of strychnine and brucine. The same two compounds are contained in the Strychnos ignatia tree. The Ignatia remedy is derived for this tree. Ignatia types is quite similar to the Nux Vomica, the personality Ignatia seems like a muted version of Nux.

Nux Vomica is a type that you do not want to mess with because majority of the time the Nux will win. I have heard of one Nux took on a major bank and won few minutes after walking through the door. Success in this world comes naturally to Nux, creating wealth and power comes naturally to them. They command the world, the world is their oyster. They can build vast empires or even little ones in their own local community. I haven’t met one Nux who struggled in life financially or otherwise. Nux are always successful in their endeavours. They seem to hold an authority over people even in social settings. They command respect and receive it. Nux Vomica’s can become burnt out due to overwork and exhaustion, at that point can lose their vitality and robustness. They can also lose that formidability and command that is the Nux trait. In that case taking Nux Vomica can restore all their positive Nux traits as shift the negative traits into balance.

Nux are incredibly brilliant in all their endeavours, if they are educated they are brilliant their field. If they are learned on the streets they rise to the top in business. Nux are brilliant but do not make people feel stupid. They do not need to put people down to gain confidence they already have innate superiority. They are resolute, unrelentingly and formidable.

Julius Cesar is another Nux Vomica, Roman society was based around Nux ideals their society and way of life revolved around war and conquer. A fitting quote for Nux by Julius Cesar Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw I conquered.


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