The Lachesis Woman Part 2

I have been treating a lot of women who are Lachesis of late. The women seek help for depression, pent up anger and frustration. One they have taken a few doses of Lachesis, they just become more at eased, relaxed, and confident.

One young lady became more confident, started attracting more friends, and started to speak with more eloquence and conviction. Things that appeared as a massive burden and hurdle before seemed to dissipate. She seems more relaxed, happier and confident.

The remedy will allow distortions to unravel, the distortions that keep attracting the same patterns will dissipate and be replaced by newer more positive patterns. The life force is reawakened and there is vibrancy in action. The subtle energies change and we become closer to how things should be at their most natural state.

When one is vibrating at their original life force and constitution any sort of physical, mental and emotional issues will become resolve naturally. As a child one is born with all the necessary tools to get through life. One is born with a certain body type that allows them to play out their life in a certain way, achieve certain things. Sometimes this life force is suppressed due to outside influences, trauma and illness. When the life force and natural theme is suppressed, this leads to many physical problems and illness. The theme of Lachesis is restriction, and the more that is suppressed the more tension and problems they have. Lachesis is a very powerful constitutional remedy that applies to many women. I have notice quite a majority of Christian women from the middle east identified with Lachesis.

The Lachesis Woman

The Lachesis Woman Part 3

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The Lachesis Woman Lives


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