Doterra Chronic Fatigue Protocol

A protocol that has been working well for Chronic Fatigue with Doterra products is a combination of using Elevation, Citrus Bliss and Life Long Vitality pack.

Elevation is a combination of oils that uplifts you like no other blend can. Elevation is the perfect blend for those moments when you need to be revitalized. This exciting blend provides an invigorating combination of CPTG essential oils that can elevate your mood and increase your vitality. Elevation combines lavandin, tangerine, elemi, lemon myrtle, melissa, ylang ylang, osmanthus, and sandalwood flawlessly for an immediate and dramatic effect. This blend works to uplift the mind and spirit. It just lightens your mood and emotions.  Allows you to tread gently through the commotion.

When Citrus Bliss is also diffused in the room the combination creates an uplifting experience for the work your doing.

With all the foods that we eat that aren’t very nutritional it is important to take supplements to support your health and vitality. Life Long Vitality is a unique formula of synergistic ingredients. Here is how the company describes their product. dōTERRA’s lifelong wellness supplements are formulated with potent levels of essential nutrients and powerful metabolic factors for optimal health, energy, and longevity. Coupled with dōTERRA’s CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and a lifelong commitment to dōTERRA’s wellness lifestyle,™ they naturally support a lifetime of looking, feeling, and living younger, longer.

The key ingredient in the supplements is the boswellic acid that comes from residual of distilling the frankincense oil from Oman. Boswellic acid is know to have anti inflammatory properties, which is a key proponent off illness and disease.


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