Terrashield doTERRA insect repellent


Terrashield is a natural repellent blend from doTERRA. It is highly concentrated as an insect repellent. However there are other more interesting functions that I have come across. It can function as a energetic shield. If you place three drops of Terrashield and sweep it around your aura it will create an energetic shield between you and the outside energetic environment. It creates a hub. It has been helping health practitioners particularly those who work on many clients a day. Protecting yourself from the negative energies of your clients is highly important. Any negative energies can later manifest itself as serious health and wellbeing problems.

Terrashield can also be diffused in places of negative and highly stressful environments. If you have a negative co-worker who is affecting you, diffuse 3 drops on a tissue on your desk each day.


Terrashield has been known to promote calmness, improve moods, enhance circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, boost immunity and improve focus and clarity.


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