Family Constellations

Family constellations is a way to explore traumas and negative dynamics within previous generations of a family. Traumas and negative patterns can be passed on to each subsequent generations. Family constellation is a system that allows one to explore those dynamics and attempt to resolve them within a safe and facilitated session. It is also a way to honour the lineage and previous generations.

In western culture the concept of honouring one’s lineage and ancestors is foreign. Whilst in Eastern and African cultures it is a common process. In honouring your ancestors, one only honours a part of themselves. The part of the lineage that is within you and so important to your own development. Ours ancestors live within us. If your ancestors carried a trauma, a disease it will manifest in some sort of block whether health or development within you.

In homeopathy it is believe that miasms are inherited from the parents. Miasms is an infectious principal. A distortion of vital life force that is inherited from the parents. From my own observations people normally inherit a constitutional type from either one of their parents which determine the person’s personality, actions, theme and health issues in life.

Through Family Constellation one is able to dig into the root causes of issues that could have affected families for generations, each subsequent member repeating the same patterns. Personally I have had sessions is this area and it has allowed me to solve some hard to resolve issues blocking my development. The link below is to my friend Brad’s Family Constellation services.


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