Esoteric Acupuncture

Recently I have be using esoteric acupuncture on clients and friends. It is a divine method of healing. It raises our vibration and allows wisdom to shine through, when this happens all is revealed. The secret of life and the universe. I find a sense of balance and peace, when I do the pattern on myself using essences I go into a deep healing and rejuvenation. Afterwards I get more insight and life flows better. My physical body and energetic body is stronger.

“Always follow your inner higher heart to hear the message, stillness must prevail.” Mikio Sankey PhD

One of my friends has kindly provided a testimonial on an Esoteric acupuncture treatment. I used the Antahkarana pattern but I only used needles on the 4 points of the Shishencong. The needles I used were Serin 0.14 one of the finest needles available. It provides painless insertion. I find with esoteric acupuncture we are trying to connect to refined etheric chi there is no need to go in deep, less than 2 mm will suffice. I also used essence and essential oils on the rest of the points. I guided the client through the meditation described in the book.

Although reluctant to have needles inserted into my head, I was very surprised that I barely felt anything at all, and certainly there was no pain. Once the session started I felt what I could only describe as a high-level vibration of joy flowing into my crown chakra and through my body. Internally I could see and feel a warm golden light connecting the points that Guech activated in turn. I was in a state of pure joy and I did not want the session to end. It is the day after my session and I still feel a significant difference in my energy field. Thank you for the healing Guech, I definitely want to experience Esoteric Acupuncture again.

Below is a similar pattern to the one I used. For people not trained in Acupuncture it is best to just use essential oils or essences. Place the oil or essences on all the points going in numbered order and then leave on for 30 or more minutes whilst meditation on the pattern.

Picture are from Esoteric Acupuncture by Mikio Sankey PhD.


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