Personal Colour Analysis

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of a draping with Amelia Butler of True Colour in Avalon beach. She is a lovely and pleasant lady. We spoke a bit about the colour analysis, about how colours can define and shape our perception of something. We went through the drapes to find the best colour to bring out my own skin’s colouring. Our perception of a person or object can change due to the colours that surround it. It’s our perception that is influenced by the colours. There is warm and cool, high contrast and low contrast colours, each with varying depth, clarity and sharpness. Colours can have a healing effect and being the right colours can put one in a more harmonious vibration. Being a Kinesiologist and as a healer this is what I strive for in my life, healing and personal development. Colours are all frequencies and vibrations it makes sense to find the colours that match your own body and natural colours found within. When one wears the right colours that vibrate at the same frequency, inner healing can occur, and you flow with the tide of life. Things around you will feel more at ease, there is more confidence, and there is harmony in action and movement. The colours of your face will look more alive because those colours resonate with what you are wearing. For women wearing makeup in the right colours will let your inner spirit and beauty shine out, in the wrong colours it can be a clownish mask hiding the truth.

The perception of you from others will change according to the colours that your are wearing and possibly the ones around you. When you wear the right colours, it builds confidence as you when you see yourself in the mirror you look better and will feel better. I had a round table discussion with a study group and a lady there who was a colour consultant said she had past clients who kept wearing and buying the wrong colours as it seem she was in a state of depression, and her face would just be dragged down when she passed a mirror. This would have a flow on effect into her life, her confidence and her wellbeing.  As soon as the client started to wear the right colours, when she would look at herself in the mirror her face was different, she would feel better about herself, and that would then have a follow on effect into all other aspects of one’s life.

If you feel yourself being drawn to certain colours, then those colours will provide the spectrum of healing that your body needs. I strive for harmony and congruence in life, in work, and this harmony starts with colour and vibration.


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