London Riots Anatomy of Social Inequality

Recently there have been major riots happening in London, I live half a world away but the subject is close to my heart. These riots have escalated because in England, the middleclass, working class and lower class have been pressured to breaking point. Every day they have their wealth looted from them, via the government, the banksters through tax and inflation. These people are having the only minimal welfare and benefits they have stripped from them. When they have nothing, they get desperate and do anything to get attention. They have been marginalised and push to the fringes, living in poverty, desperation and hopelessness.

In the ongoing arrests stemming from the riots, kids are being thrown in jail for six months for stealing such petty items at water, snacks, clothes are other trivial goods. What these kids are doing is mirroring what their so called society superiors are doing, except at a miniscule scale. Bankers, politicians, and aristocracy are stealing billions everyday through, tax, financial markets, banking and inflation. The stuff stolen and looted from the riots of child’s play in comparison. Why aren’t the real criminals in jail?

The likes of Goldman Sach are looting billions and billions from the European Economy through financial instruments so complex, that it takes finance and economics degree to understand them. They are stealing through market manipulation, derivatives, inflating vital commodities such as wheat and other grains. They crash markets at their whim to suck the economy dry, and pillage billions.

The economic and monetary policies of European Union is bringing Europe to it’s knees. Countries like Spain, Italy, Greece are in debts to the billions. The system is failing, the majority; the middle class is paying for crimes of the elite. Banks and the financial industry, got themselves in debts and major market decapitations, because their greed was so insatiable it was unsustainable. They manipulated the governments to pay for bail outs via the public purse, money that came from the public and intended for the society of them. In gaining the bail outs Bankers proceeded to pay themselves billions in bonuses.

The United Kingdom right now seems in a perilous situation, unemployment is beyond quoted figures, inflation is also beyond the quoted figure. The country is on its knees. The majority are paying for their leaders mistakes. The subjects are taxed to the brink and living on the brink, working 50 to 60 hours a week to just get through life and pay for basic necessities. At the end of the day everything they have worked for their entire lives will probably end up being confiscated by the banks.


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