Liver Cleanse

Recently I have done the liver cleanse and have been losing weight without going on a diet. I have dropped from a size 12 to a size 10 with little effort. I’m going to be doing a couple more flushes, maybe I can go back to a size 8, only if it’s healthy. The reason for losing the weight so effortlessly is all in the Liver and its function. The Liver’s main function is to remove fat and toxins, and in Chinese medicine to hold and carry the blood. When the liver is functioning at it’s potential the benefits are excess fat and toxin are being purged out of the body faster and more effectively. When the body has less toxins the body requires less fluid to buffer the organs from the toxins. The liver gets clogged up after years of abuse from fatty foods, alcohol and various toxic chemicals that we take in. It is clogged by solidified and crystalised bile and various other toxins. This clogging forces the liver to operate at reduced capacity and people commonly feel sluggish and heavy.

In Chinese medicine the liver holds and stores the blood, it also cleanses and moves the blood around the body. It is responsible for ensuring that energy, or Qi, flows smoothly throughout the body – in all organs and in all directions. The function of the Liver of regulating Qi, is extremely important to both our physical and emotional health. The blood flows to the muscles and tendons during activity, these are governed by the liver. The blood flows back to the liver in the evening during rest. The Liver also governs the eyes and vision, when the liver is healthy vision is optimum. The emotional aspects of liver is planning, organisation, direction and vision. Having a healthy functioning liver will help clear the path to those virtues. Anger and frustration causes stress on the liver, suppressed anger will especially have a big impact on the liver. People with suppressed anger usually have insomnia as the blood cannot flow back to the liver to allow the body to rest, this cause frequent waking up 3am to 5am.

A healthy body and healthy life can start from the liver. It can start from a liver cleanse.

Liver Cleanse Instructions


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