Slavery 21st Century Style

Slavery is something the world tried hard to abolish in the past centuries. Officially Slavery was supposed to have been abolished in all countries by 1981. However there exists slavery in a much subtler and finer form. A form that has enslaved humanity since the industrial revolution without people realizing it. In this day in age we are enslaved by debt slavery. The issue is money and how money works. Money is released into the economy by each country’s reserve system. There is a system in Australia where the government issues bonds into public in order to print money.

In the US it is far more sinister whereby the Federal Reserve issues money as a form of a loan to the government. The Federal Reserve does not own this money it has a mandate to issue money as a loan to the government, it just collect taxes on it. It is essentially creating money out of thin air and collecting interest on it. In order to fund this interest incurred per annum, the government must continually take out new loans, and tax the public continually. This has a flow on effect where there is inflation in the economy. This is where the private banks come in. If someone places money into the bank for example 10,000 the bank can loan out 9000, and keep 1000 as liquidity. Currently the level of liquidity required is roughly 1 percent, so the banks can loan up to 99 cents for each dollar held in an account. This process is repeated continually so the original value is multiplied exponentially. Money is created by juggling balance sheets. The effect is inflation every year where true value of our money keeps getting smaller, prices of houses rise, goods and services rise. People have to work harder and harder to meet bills, mortgage payments, cost of living. We have to pay mortgage payments on houses which have been inflated to astronomical values by this system, on loans of money which the banks have created by juggling balance sheets. This is a system that can only sustain itself by unlimited growth of productivity of the nation’s workers, by extracting the earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate. The requirement of growth and productivity to sustain the system, is continually pushing people to work harder and more efficiently to keep up.

In order for the economy and the elements in the economy to sustain itself it needs to keep pushing prices up to pay for the debts incurred. These debts are incurred by the government and the public to keep continual growth in commerce and government services. This system leaves humanity at the mercy of bankers, more particularly a small group of banking families’ as part of an international banking cartel. The international banking cartel has plans to create an international monetary system, a cashless society and thereby enslaving the entire world under one debt based system. They want own every blade of grass, every ounce of gold, and each man, women and child in debt to them. We have already seen a system of the Euro in Europe, where countries are rendered bankrupt due to the euro monetary system. This was a system designed to put entire countries into debt. This is a system that will attempt to seize national assets and real estate of bankrupted countries. When a country goes bankrupt it is the public that has to pay for this. How can a country go bankrupt under the weight of these enormous loans, because it had to loan the money to release it into its economy in the first place, and the debt is continually generated in the economy by banks. What we are seeing is slavery made in America packaged as capitalism and freedom.

If I offer my service, my energy into society it should not be at the mercy of this debt based monetary system. We should move to a system that is fairer, one that measures your input of services and matches it in value. A trade fostered by bartering, by the exchange of precious metals where the true value is held in the exchange.


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