Protests in the Middle East

I have been following the protests with a heavy heart, ever since I got back from Egypt I haven’t been able to sleep whilst this is all happening. The Middle East is experiencing it’s own awakening, the people wish to express their spirit, find their liberty and freedom. They have experienced oppression for so long that when their spirit glimpses hope it explodes and sends ripples throughout humanity and our world. The corrupt governments in Libya are attempting to suppress their people’s demand for liberty through heavy force, opening fire at the most peaceful protests. They attempt to use force and violence against one’s own natural desire, the desire for freedom that is inherent in the spirit of man. It is the spirit was has originated from the divine source. In the battle of power vs force, the power of human spirit will prevail. People will sacrifice their lives for the ultimate goal. The protests are in the name of truth and freedom will succeed.

Things are happening for a reason, as we prepare to move towards 2012, the current structures that our world is based on will topple. The financial system is collapsing, as is the medical system. Organisations based on greed, corruption and falseness will perish. Corrupt leaders of the world will fall under their own weight of fear. The vibration of the Earth is changing and moving. We move into Satya Yuga, the golden age of enlightenment, in this age only truth will stand.


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