Valley of the Kings

Walking into the Valley of the kings and it felt majestic. It was like walking into history. The sun was beaming down and the heat was scorching. I couldn’t wait to get inside one of the tombs. Our group went into the tomb of Saptah, it was an unfinished tomb, but the paintings and the colours were still beautiful. The scenes depicted the gods and goddesses and the journey into the after life. I was interested more in the energy of the tomb, the feeling of it. The energy seemed to feel stronger and stronger as I proceeded closer to the sarcophagus. When finally I was standing in front of the sarcophagus there was an intensity of energy surrounding it. It seem when the ancients chose this valley to house the tombs of the Pharaohs, they chose a place with strong natural energy lines going through.

The impression I had was the tomb was designed to concentrate a high intensity of energy into the sarcophagus, perhaps to keep energising the body while it was travelling in the  afterlife. The afterlife continued in another world, an etheric world dreamed up by the ancient Egyptians to host the souls of the dead. We sang some deep vowel sounds to energise ourselves and the tomb, and for a moment to try and feel the intensity of the light.

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