Temple of Horus

After dusk at the temple of Horus was the confronting place this was the scene of the battle between Seth and Horus in ancient mythology. The last scene of the battle was Edfu. The temple was built to honour the triumph of light over darkness. Seth and Osiris were brothers, the sons of Re. Osiris was proclaimed ruler of Egypt. He taught the Egyptians how to grow gain along the futile soil of the Nile. Osiris taught them how to make bread and stop eating the flesh of their fellow people, only the flesh of certain animals. He taught the natives the laws and poetry. Osiris was loved and honoured by the people. The more Osiris gained favour the more he was hated by his brother Seth. Seth was extremely jealous of his brother and plotted a plan to bring him down. Osiris travelled across the world to bring his blessings and new ways to them. Isis was left to oversee Egypt. Seth meanwhile hatched a plan to destroy Osiris, made beautiful coffin ebony and cedars to the exact measurements of Osiris. He was aided by seventy two wicked friends. When Osiris came back from his travels, Seth held a feast in his honour attended by his seventy two friends. Seth bought out the majestic coffin and Osiris was enthralled. Seth proclaimed he would give the coffin to whoever would fit in it perfectly. One by one the seventy two friends tried to go into the coffin, they tried in vain, one was too fat or too thin, too tall or too short. Osiris wanted to see if he could fit into it. He went it and it did. The chest is mine he said. Seth slammed the coffin shut and sealed it with lead and threw the coffin into the Nile. It was not enough to destroy the body of a god. When Isis recovered the coffin, Seth intervened and cut the body into 14 pieces and tossed them into the Nile. Isis searched far and wide for the pieces and when she found then she was able to weave her magic together and bring the body back together. One piece the phallus was missing as it was eaten by a catfish that is to this day not eaten by the Egyptians. Isis used the magic to recreate the phallus. She flew around the body as a kite to conceive Horus. The priests performed funeral rites so that the spirit if Osiris was able to pass to the underworld. Horus grew to become a strong man often visited by the spirit of Osiris to teach him how to be a great warrior. It was Horus who was to master the evil Seth. When Horus came of age he set out to find his uncle Seth and avenge his father. The battle was fought all over Egypt. The last scene of the battle was Edfu where Seth transformed himself into a giant red hippopotamus, Horus finally defeated Seth by striking a harpoon into the brain of the hippopotamus. We walked through the entrance and it was a metaphor of light over darkness. Inside the walls of the temple were scenes depicting the battle. The temple was erected in the honour of Horus and his triumph of light over darkness. There was a sense that there was still a battle going on, the forces of light raining on the darkness trying to rise up. The battle seemed to stretch on for eternity as there must be darkness for there to be light. The group did some vowel sounds to energise the temple. The ghosts of the temple was guarding it, waiting push those out who did not honour it. Outside the temple on some nights a lady dressed in white wedding regalia is seen sitting by the stones. The falcons from all over Egypt came to lay their eggs on the roof of the temple. Perhaps they sensed the power of Horus the falcon god and came back to honour his presence every season.


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