Temple of Isis

The temple of Isis is an incredible place of spiritual energy. On the mystical tour we went there before Dawn for an initiation ceremony in the sanctum of Isis. This sky was pitch dark and we walked through the front of the temple. I could feel we were entering a sacred space used for millennia for divine worship. I imagined the priests and high priestess’ walking through the halls in White linen robes and fire lamps. The guardians of the temple keeping the energy of Isis. The vowel sounds echoed through the three sections of the temple to the outside where it made a perfect unity of sound. According to legend the temple of Isis was built to honour her when she put the pieces of her husband Osiris together again. Seth was the one that carved Osiris up out of jealousy. When Isis cried the tears made the rock formations in the temple. The temple destroyed by the Persians because they knew it was what gave the Egyptians their power. It remained in ruins until the Greek Ptolemy family took over and rebuilt the temple. They knew it was something special and the power of the gods. At dawn the sun rose up from across the Nile, its simmered the water and warmed the earth. The last of the pagan rituals in the temple occurred roughly 500 AD. We lit some candles and burnt some incense to try and bring back some of the sacredness back to the temple. Energising the place, to keep the power of Isis alive.


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