Akenaten’s temple of light

We started the day at 5:30am on the bus to Tell el Amarna the site of Akhenaten’s new city and his temple of light dedicated to the Aten the god of the sun rays, the sun disc. It was a 5 hour drive to the desert tombs and city ruins. This place doesn’t attract many tourists and you need special permits to get there. Akhenaten started a new religion one for the people, this was the first time that the common people were allowed to go into temples and worship. This didn’t go down well with the existing establishment and the priests who were in power and after Akhenaten’s 17 year reign his name and religion was carved out of records and structures. His face and names were etched out of history. After his reign Egypt was never the same. The energy from his temple was light and pure, oneness with the rays of the sun, the rays of life. From the sun life was derived, food, clothing, heat, and shelter. They gave thanks and worshipped the rays, the divinity and nature provided everything in return. This was their belief, their culture.


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