Black and White Magic in Torino

I travelled into Torino with a group from Damanhur, the lady who was our guide was going to tell us about the esoteric side of Torino. The city of Torino lies on synchronic lines which makes it a powerful energy centre of the Earth. Those lines also run through Damanhur which is why the community was founded there. It is a special place the axis of white magic and black magic pass through Torino. Around the city centre the are devilish carved into the walls. The rumours from the locals say that there are many practising Satanists in the city. On the opposite end there are many beautiful cathedrals and everywhere you turn there is a church.  We took a 40 minute car ride into the city, and then walked to the Egyptian museum.

Mainly the museum had artefacts from the mummifications, the Egyptians lived their entire life to prepare for death, it was the most important passage in life. For that everything had to be perfect, prayers had to be written, cravings made of the images depicting the journey into the after life. The body was prepared well, embalmed, and everything internal was removed except the heart which was the most important organ because to them it was the seed of consciousness and thought. In the journey into the afterlife the heart was weighed against the feather of Ma’at, it was the feather of truth. If the heart was lighter than the feather the being was allowed to proceed to Osiris and preceed into the after life. If the heart was heavier than the feather, Ammut the god with the crocodile head would devour the heart, and deceased would be banished into oblivion for eternity. The god Anubis was able to influence the scales according to the faith of the person, even if they had a heavy heart. In the tombs the Egyptians had everything from cosmetics, food, beds, clothing, everything that was used in life was buried with that to be used in the afterlife. There were also figurines of servants to take care of their masters in the afterlife.

There is a reason why all the Egyptian artefacts ended up in Torino, it was intended that way because the main synchronic lines passed through Torino now where as 2000 years ago it was going through Egypt. In the past the Savoy royal family of Torino were guardians of esoteric knowledge, and protector of people pursuing that knowledge when all over Europe people were being persecuted for being involved in the so called dark arts. It was the Savoy royal family who bought the artifacts and commissioned the museum.

The streets of Torino are very cold and the wind is like ice hitting your face. A walk through via Roma the City’s most fashionable strip, sees all the major Italian designer labels and famous brands. It’s an elegant lane with marble columns and slate floors. The people are pretty well dressed but dark and not very friendly, consumed in their world.


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