Magic in Damanhur

This place in Damanhur is a magical place, it is a sustainable eco-community that places great importance on spirituality and self awareness. There is amazing organically grown food here, sold in the local co-op shop. The milk and cheese was sweet and more nourishing than what you  get in the city. Everything here tastes so much better. The energy is slow and gentle.

Today we started off with an exercise of movement, the instructor told us to move freely around the room, flow with the music, allow the music to guide your action and flow. Let your arms and legs move with the music. It is a form of self-expression through free movement and dance. In the expression you can find yourself in the moment with the music. Where the air and sound is a part of your being, one with everything else. That movement and expression allows you to break through your own obstacles. We then when on to vowel sounds for each Chakra, using the classical vowels. The vowels allows for the activation of each chakra. In the beginning was the sound and from sound was creation. Through sound, creation is materialised into form and matter. We went through various movements to open our internal energies and balance our energy.

After lunch we visited a community of Damanhurians living amongst the trees. They lived there because they had a vision and desire to be with the trees and nature. There were around 4 tree houses, supported by wooden poles on cement and steel foundations. It was like being in the middle of a Tolkien novel. The trees and nature seemed infused in the houses. The energy was vibrant and the nature spirits alive and coexisting with humans.

We then visited the temples, the ones that had the most profound effects was the Temple of spheres and Temple of Mirrors. In the hall of spheres there were 8 spheres each with it’s different alchemical properties, the spheres were charged and there was a connection with the energy lines of the temple. The ceiling was covered in pure gold leaf, my impression was maybe there was a formula to turn lead into gold somewhere around here. Energy flowed through there and it was a reference point for the rest of the temple.

The temple of mirrors, felt like one where you went to contemplate on your own reflection, all four walls were lined with mirrors. Each side had a sphere that represented one of the 4 elements. They were Earth, Fire, Water and Air.


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