2012 and Satya Yuga

I have been discussing 2012 with friends of mine, and we are in the agreement that some big changes are coming. My theory is the world will not continue to operate how it is. We can already see the changes happening. If you look at the way the monetary system works, it is unsustainable. The system in the US is very close to collapse and I believe that the US dollar will be worthless in a few years due to hyperinflation. This is what I feel will happen because lax governance of the US financial system and the corporate greed in existence over there. Bankers and financers are materialising electronic, based on derivatives and securities. A lot of wealth is electronic and has not material or has secure backing. The medical system is failing because it is driven by greed and profits. Cancer cures are suppressed because it hurts profits. I’m in the belief that when 2012 comes along, the spiritual energy of the world will raise those companies based on greed and corruption will be exposed for what they are and will collapse.

According to Vedic mystics we are in the period of Kali Yuga, the iron age. It is the age of materialism, matter is at the most dense at this age. The languages that are flourishing like English, is much simpler and coarser than the fine ancient languages of Sanskrit and Hebrew. It is an age where humans kill each other for profit. Greed and Materialism triumph over everything.

Excerpts from Vishnu Purana describing Kali Yuga.

” The minds of men will be wholly occupied in acquiring wealth; and wealth will be spent solely on selfish gratifications. Women will follow their inclinations, and be ever fond of pleasure. Men will fix their desires upon riches, even though dishonestly acquired.”

“The kings of Kali Yuga will be addicted to corruption and will seize the property of their subjects. Then property and wealth alone will confer rank; falsehood will be the only means of success. Corruption will be the universal means of subsistence.”

“Princes, instead of protecting, will plunder their subjects; and, under the pretext of levying customs, will rob merchants of their property. In the Kali age everyone who has cars and elephants and steeds will be a Rájá: everyone who is feeble will be a slave.”

In 2012 when the Orion belt aligns in the universe, there is a window of opportunity for our world and humanity to enter into the age of Satya Yuga a golden age of enlightenment. It is the age of truth. The gods will come and walk on the Earth. The energy of the world will be so fine that manifestations happen in an instant. Organizations and people with lower energies who thrive on greed, falseness and corruption will simply perish in this new age.

There is only the opportunity to enter into Satya Yuga, humanity must work to enter it, by lifting our energy through meditation, vision and aligning with truth. If enough people stand for truth and work to raise their energies. The majority will be carried along into the new age.

The most important thing is to meditate, and meditate with groups of people. Imagine a world aligned with truth and integrity. One day the dream will become reality.





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