Pillars of dreams

It’s important to have reputation and recognition in our job. If you change the subtle energies in your room, the place that you spend the most time, you can change your image that you project into the world. It is important as this is affecting subtle energies. One Feng Shui technique is to hang red string from ceiling to the floor. Red is the colour of Fame energies, it is the fire that catches on and lights up the world. The string needs to run from the top of the ceiling down to the floor. Every single corner of the room should have the string. Some rooms have more than four corners. If the corner is cut off from the ceiling it is important to run the red string right to the ceiling. The red strings represent pillars in your life, it helps ground the energies in your room. The dreams have a channel to manifest in. At the midpoint of the strings tie another nine inch red string to symbolize your dreams and intentions.  The midpoint should be measured exactly for each corner.

This combined with the red candles cure should set you on your way to gain the respect and recognition that you deserve.


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