Fame and recognition

What is my reputation among friends, colleagues and the community? What do I want to be known for? I found a cure that had amazing results. The nine red candles cure. In the fame and recognition area of the bedroom, house, or office, light 9 red candles each morning. The fame and recognition area is in the far back middle section of each room or house. Light them one by one and once all nine candles are lit up, you can snuff the candles out. I always snuff my candles as the energy of the fire is transmuted rather than destroyed. It is from a mystical lesson that I learnt. It’s important to have the books and things you want to be known for in that fame area. I lit my candles on a table in the selves I had books on a certain subject matter and for a while people keep asking me for help in that area. It wasn’t something that I want to do, so I have now reorganised it and put in books of subjects I wish to be know for, and provide advice on. This will absolutely give incredible results if you have the discipline and focus to do it with a pure intention.

In the Bagua fame is represented by fire, it is the light that illuminates us, it is the picture the world receives from us. It is from the spirit, the shen, which originates from the heart. This influences how we manifest ourselves in the world. When our spirit is expressed without containment, our dreams are  manifested in reality. This section is represented in red, the triangle which is the law of manifestation.

The nine red candles cure is from from Ellen Whitehurst’s book Make This Your Lucky Day.


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