Electromagnetic Radiation

In our world today, there is electromagnetic radiation everywhere, it affects us in ways that we don’t feel or realise. It throws off our balance and we have become so used to it that we don’t seek any alternative. When you create a harmonious atmosphere in your home, you become more balanced within. It starts with getting rid of all the electromagnetic radiation in the house. Personally I use the Geoclense, developed by Gerard Bini. It refines the energy in the house, the energy becomes very fine and cool. The vibration appears to have lifted, and a harmony ensures. I have also had good feedback from friends and family, where just by installing the device, personal and family dynamics change for the better in the household. You have more energy to do things.

Travelling 40 minutes or so to work is quite a demanding exercise, with myself I feel that my energy has been sapped sometimes in the afternoon coming home from work in the traffic. I installed another of Gerard Bini’s devices, the Car Harmonizer. During my time in the car I try to listen to some Italian CDs that I’m learning and it feels like everything sinks in better. The car is in a bubble of protective energy. At the end of the trips I don’t feel as tired and ready to do whatever I need to do. Try and bring your environment in perfect balance, it is easier to achieve your goals and dreams that way.


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